The following Fumble Likelihood Assessment combines the experiences of hundreds of people at different stages of the 4th quarter of their life, providing advice on what they wish they had thought more about when they were entering the last quarter of their life.

If you’re approaching the 4th quarter, take the survey in that spirit and adjust some of your answers as if you’re already wrestling with what your “Why?” (Why should you get out of bed in the morning?) or “Who?” (who should I hang around with?) or “Where?” (where will I live?) will be. If you’re already in stage 1,2 or 3 of the 4th quarter, likewise adjust your answers. This is intended as a directional guide to highlight areas of potential fumbles and how to lessen the likelihood of fumbles and achieve 4th quarter happiness.

If one area stands out as a potential problem, focus on that part of this book. If you and your life partner both take the assessment, it will provide rich opportunities for good communication as you consider how to navigate the 4th quarter together and make joint decisions. Or it will create good opportunities for identifying friction points that need future work. If you’re both fuming after this discussion, I suggest reading chapter 9, Communicate until the Cows Come Home, let some time pass, and then try having the discussion again.

Go with the first, instinctive answer that comes to mind. Read the summary of that answer. Only if you really feel another answer absolutely, positively fits you should you change the answer. Total the point count for each of your answers at the end for the overall score.

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