Put an exclamation on your life with 4th Quarter Fumbles!

This book highlights 25 key fumbles that have the greatest chance of ruining the last quarter of your life. Get ahead of these fumbles and take proactive action! Live a longer, happier, and healthier 4th quarter of life.



4th Quarter Fumbles:

How Successful People Avoid Critical Mistakes Later in Life

“Dennis Stearns is spot on with Fourth Quarter Fumbles. As a veteran aging services professional, I’ve seen all too often the missteps in this book. Dennis offers outstanding advice in the book to avoid or alleviate fourth quarter fumbles which all too often leads to crisis.”

CEO of Wellspring Life Plan Community, and Chair of Leading Age, the nation’s trusted voice for aging and part of the Global Aging Network.

“Dennis has done a marvelous job of challenging each of us to make wise, proactive decisions to maximize our fiscal, physical and mental health as we head into the fourth quarter of life. His concepts are well presented and easy to follow, and many “pearls” will stick with you as you tackle the next three (or four) decades. Implementing these principles may make the fourth quarter the best one yet!”


Preventative Medicine Physician and President/CEO of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. The Cooper Clinic was an early pioneer in disease prevention and is recognized the world over as an authority in wellness, research and education—helping millions lead longer, healthier, happier lives.


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4th Quarter Fumbles is the second in the Stearns Field Guide Series. The series, produced by Stearns Financial Group, a financial advisory firm, features financial topics relevant to today’s investor.

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