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Our experienced team of wealth managers provides you with creative solutions to help you achieve your life goals. Whether you need a comprehensive wealth management plan or our assistance in a specific area of your finances, Stearns Financial Group has customized solutions designed to build financial confidence as we protect and grow your wealth.


For those who choose to integrate our Financial Planning and Investment Management services, we provide a complete Wealth Management solution. We have discovered that the most powerful results are obtained when there is a full understanding of a client’s overall goals, challenges, fears and financial objectives relating to wealth.

That in-depth understanding of a family’s situation allows us to design a customized planning and investment strategy that drives achievable and meaningful results throughout a lifetime and beyond.


We center financial planning around what is important to you. Your goals, your values, your objectives – all play a part in shaping your financial picture and your future.

At Stearns Financial Group, we design a personalized financial plan called a Financial Independence RoadMap®, assembling appropriate financial information and creating options with your dreams and goals in mind. We are very hands on throughout the process and test and analyze the “what if?” scenarios in your plan. Stearns Financial Group is your financial partner, ready to deliver a realistic view of the future and help you make confident decisions.

We then provide ongoing advice and refresh the plan as needed. Just like a plane flying from the east to west coast has an initial flight plan, but then needs a thousand in-flight course corrections to reach its destination – your plan will require adjusting all along the way so that you stay on track and get to your destination safely and successfully.


We work in partnership with our clients to create an investment strategy based on careful research and a disciplined process.

Stearns Financial Group takes a long-term investment approach, emphasizing asset allocation strategies and diversification as a means of reducing risk. Our deep research and analysis allows us to be patient yet flexible while helping to avoid emotional or irrational decisions that often lead to investing mistakes.


  • Greater investment opportunities are created when a global investment perspective is combined with a strategic vision and disciplined asset allocation process.

  • A disciplined focus on value tends to reap the biggest rewards over the long haul.

  • Enduring wealth is built from buying great companies that have sustainable competitive advantages and solid growth prospects, at reasonable valuations.

  • Long-term investment success requires strategic vision and intestinal fortitude; investors must be willing to act based on the courage of their convictions.

Since Stearns Financial Group is an independent-minded investment advisor, we can be objective when reviewing potential investments. Therefore, we are not limited to a certain provider’s investment options, but instead can search the entire investment universe for the most appropriate investment solutions.


  • Sustainable investing is an approach that allows you to invest in companies whose behaviors align with your own personal values.

  • We believe an integrated portfolio – one that considers environmental, social and governance factors in addition to traditional fundamental metrics – can deliver comparable financial performance while simultaneously having a positive impact on the world.

  • Increasing evidence shows that incorporating this analysis can play an important role in reducing portfolio risk.

  • Investors and consumers are recognizing that good corporate behavior not only positively impacts society, but also shareholder value.


When life changes (both expectedly & unexpectedly) and new alternatives need to be considered, Stearns Financial Group works with you to help you make confident decisions. Some of the life transitions that necessitate a planning do-over are retirement, divorce, the loss of a spouse and change of career, as well as inheritances.


Healthier lifestyles and medical breakthroughs focused on the treatment, cure and even prevention of diseases are leading most individuals to live longer and that’s an incredible opportunity for experiencing more, learning more and doing more. But planning for longer lives, or longevity planning, requires new thinking about what you’ll do with all these additional days, who will be around to enjoy them with you, and, of course, how you’ll pay for these extra years.

At Stearns Financial Group, we help clients think about what their personal “retirements” or next chapters will look like.

  • Will these years capitalize on a favorite hobby to develop a small business?

  • How will you ensure you have enough social stimulation and support to thrive if you aren’t going into the office anymore?

  • Where will you live in these later years?

  • Will this arrangement offer services like transportation healthcare, entertainment and social stimulation?

Our team helps with:

Retirement planning

Housing and lifestyle

Reinvention Coaching

Healthy Living Habits


When a divorce is in your future or recent past, figuring out the financial details of your life can seem unsurmountable. At Stearns Financial Group, we understand that you are focused on figuring out new personal routines, balancing caregiving with work and dealing with the emotional stresses that come with the breakup of a marriage. Our professionals guide men and women to make difficult decisions that will get your financial goals and aspirations back on track.

We help clients think about how to create self-reliant futures and work through challenges such as funding a new, sustainable lifestyle.

Our team will:

  • Work with your divorce team

  • Help you value your marital estate

  • Help you negotiate a fair financial settlement

  • Help you create a new budget

  • Help you manage your assets toward a financially secure future


Stearns Financial Group has a deep network of resources to help alleviate the pain points in running a business. Our professionals help owners and entrepreneurs create growth strategies, value their firms, evaluate tax and risk mitigation, and eventually plan business exits. Importantly, we collaborate with your accounting professionals, estate attorneys, business lawyers and other professionals to ensure your team is working together for you.

We make sure clients are thinking about all aspects of their personal and business goals and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to make crucial decisions.

Our team helps with:

Business valuations

Risk mitigation

Advanced tax strategies

Growth strategies


Reach out to discuss your wealth management needs and goals.