The Financial Planning Association calls Dennis Stearns "one of the leading financial scenario professional and futurists.” He has experience on “Super Trends,” or how the convergence of globalization, technology accelerators, demographics, urbanization and other forces will dramatically impact our investments, our financial planning, our careers and our lives in the future. These trends will make the 4th quarter of our lives a very different experience than any previous generation!

Dennis Stearns has been quoted and interviewed in many publications, including The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's Finance, Chicago Tribune, Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Planning magazine and the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors.

Potential article theme topics for Fourth Quarter Fumbles book interviews include:

  • Top Twenty-Five Potential Fumbles in the 4th Quarter of your Life

  • Top Five 4th Quarter Life Fumbles can be Avoided

  • Why Successful People Fumble in the 4th Quarter of Life

  • Fourth Quarter of Life: Dragons, Sea Monsters and the Fountain of Youth

  • Mars versus Venus Fumbles in the 4th Quarter of Life

  • Introverts Face Special Dangers in the 4th Quarter of Life

  • Fourth Quarter Fumbles - How Analyticals and Creatives can Live in Harmony Later in Life

  • Five Focus Areas to Avoid Fourth Quarter Fumbles

  • Nine Key Areas Create 4th Quarter Success or Failure

  • Recovering from 4th Quarter Fumbles

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