We work in partnership with our clients to create an investment strategy based on careful research and a disciplined process.

Stearns Financial takes a long-term investment approach, emphasizing asset allocation strategies and diversification as a means of reducing risk and key to investment success. Our deep research and analysis allow us to be patient yet flexible while helping us avoid emotional or irrational decisions that often lead to investing mistakes. Since Stearns Financial is an independent-minded investment advisor, we can be objective when reviewing potential investments. Therefore, we are not limited to a certain company’s investment choices, but can instead search the entire investment universe for the most appropriate investment solutions.

We believe:

  • Greater investment opportunities are created when a global investment perspective is combined with a strategic vision and disciplined asset allocation process.

  • A disciplined focus on value tends to reap the biggest rewards over the long haul.

  • Enduring wealth is built from buying great companies that have sustainable competitive advantages and solid growth prospects, at reasonable valuations.

  • Long-term investment success requires strategic vision and intestinal fortitude; investors must be willing to act based on their courage of convictions.