Perhaps you identify with one or more of these expressions: Affluent. Young urban professional. Upwardly mobile. HENRY (high earning, but not yet rich).

You could be an entrepreneur or successful professional, socking away money, on a solid path toward financial independence, with or without a family in a two-partner household.

Perhaps you inherited a little something from Uncle Ed and have invested it on your own, making it grow over time – and now you’re wondering if you are still making the right decisions.

Your life seems to have gotten extremely busy and there aren’t enough hours in the day to fiddle with things that are not specifically in your wheelhouse. You could even be caring for your aging parents while still shuttling kids to soccer games and juggling career demands.

You may also be more socially conscious than your parents, hoping that your investments can not only do well but also express your values in the world.

Cash flow management is on your mind. You have a good household income but wonder if it is better to pay down debt or save for the future. You want to understand the differences between good debt and bad debt.

Welcome to the world we call “emerging affluent.” You’re on the right path, but just a couple bumps in the road toward your financial goals and, well, there go your big hopes and dreams.

At Stearns Financial, we know what it takes to fully optimize and plan for the various twists and turns that come with living a rich and full life. Our dedicated team of professionals seeks to help our clients understand their options and to build clarity around those choices, helping them to live the life they want to live – with clarity, confidence and grace.

How do we do this? It sounds simple, but some mastery is required. First and foremost, we create concrete financial plans and what-if scenarios. We even trademarked our custom Financial Independence Roadmap℠ process. We help educate our clients about financial matters and discuss options to help improve long-term outcomes. Most importantly, we serve as trusted partners who listen and seek to understand what matters most. We’ll also work together to make life’s various surprises as painless as possible.

While our traditional client minimum for managed investments is typically $1 million in investable assets, we recently established our Emerging Affluent Platform and may be able to work with you on life-event planning and to provide professional asset management services if you are serious about saving and even potentially retiring early.


How can I make the most of my peak earning and asset accumulation years?

Are there tax strategies that could be beneficial if used?

What’s the best way to save for and pay for my kids’ college educations?

Am I creating a risky situation by being overly concentrated in my own business or my employer’s company stock?

Should I buy or lease my vehicles? Purchase a vacation home? Become a landlord?

What’s the difference between good debt and bad debt – and how can we best manage our cash flow as we navigate life’s twists and turns?



Life brings us changes whether we are ready for them or not. There are the types of changes we plan for—growing up, moving out on our own, starting careers and families, buying a home…and then there are the unexpected changes we don’t like to talk about: job loss, divorce, or death of a partner.

And when life changes, money changes. 

Whatever happens in your life, Stearns Financial Group has the insight and professional knowledge to help you live a rich and fulfilling life. Contact us for a confidential conversation today.