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Our Typical Client has Many of the Following Attributes

  • Total assets ranging from $2 to over $30 million. Our client minimum for managed investments is typically $1 million in investable assets.
  • Values long-term relationships and recognizes that financial goals are not achieved overnight.
  • Willingness to share important and sometimes sensitive details of their lives, goals, aspirations and concerns.
  • Desires broad wealth imitrex management solutions, not just investment management.
  • Experiencing a life transition.
  • Willingness to delegate their financial affairs to a trusted advisor.
  • Realistic expectations and lives within their means.
  • Some are in the accumulation stage (high savings years) of asset growth. Some are in the distribution stage (retirement). And, some are in the later conservation stage (estate planning).
  • Planning for “transfer of wealth” from one generation to another.