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Women have unique financial needs. But for too long, the financial services industry has ignored women’s concerns about wealth management. At Stearns Financial, we have listened to the concerns of our female clients. We’ve learned from these conversations and have developed a unique approach that will help women build and grow their wealth, creating a comprehensive wealth program that covers every aspect of their financial lives.

Women often experience multiple cheap imitrex transitions in their lives – both planned and unplanned. At Stearns Financial, we seek to help you understand your options and to build clarity around your choices enabling the life you want to live – with confidence. We help you create concrete plans and what-if scenarios. If necessary, we help educate you about financial literacy and awareness.


  • Divorce & New Beginnings
  • Financial Literacy and Awareness
  • Loss of Spouse
  • Philanthropy
  • What-if Scenario Planning
  • Sudden Money Events
  • Transition Planning