Financial Focus for Women Workshops

Interested in a special workshop for your female executives at work, your community group or just getting 5-10 of your friends together? Here are the top three workshops put on by SFG’s FFW team in the last several years:
  1. Martinis and Money: A Woman’s Guide to Sound Financial Planning – This workshop was an evening event at a private home sponsored by a large local nonprofit for its female donors. Combine adult beverages with over 35 women hungry for “what comes next?” in their personal and financial lives, and you get a rich (and occasionally hilarious, sometimes sad) discussion that attendees still talk about over a year later.
  2. Money Scripts: Understanding Why You Do What You Do – This original research by several friends of SFG was featured on several national TV programs. Money Scripts are like little software programs running in your subconscious mind, often “written” by early influencers in your life. For better or worse, they often control your money habits today. The good news is Money Scripts can be re-written to create better financial decisions and peace of mind in the next chapter of your life.
  3. Finance for Women 101: There are No Dumb Questions – Have you ever wanted to be in a completely safe environment where you can ask any question you want and not feel like you’re being judged for not knowing the answer? Other than your confidential meetings with your SFG advisor, most women have not felt safe asking questions that they believe others learned years ago. And the funny thing is, the majority of women have these same questions!
Affluenza Planning: Raising Money Smart Children – whether it’s a young child learning basic money building blocks, a 50 year old “child” who can’t seem to stay out of credit card problems, or a grown child having trouble communicating about money with aging parents, money issues have both good and bad effects on children and their relationship with their parents. This workshop examines both the “why” and “what can I do better?” aspects of money and its relationship with your children or your parents.

If you would like to discuss setting up one of these workshops for friends, business colleagues, or a community group, contact Libby Stafford at 336.230.1811 or