Financial Times

Award_Icons-Expanded_FT_ColorWe are pleased to announce that Stearns Financial Group has been named on The Financial Times’ FT300 list for the fourth consecutive year. The list recognizes the top 300 independent Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) from across the U.S. This is the fourth annual FT300 list, produced independently by The Financial Times in collaboration with Ignites Research, a subsidiary of The Financial Times that provides business intelligence on the investment management industry. According to The Financial Times, the list provides a quantifiable and objective way to establish a group of “truly exceptional adviser firms.”

As more baby boomers retire, the demand for top-quality investment advice is accelerating. The Financial Times created the FT 300 list to provide its readers with a snapshot of the best advisers in the US—“We aimed to provide a picture of leading financial advisers that would be good enough for the educated and discerning readers of The Financial Times.”

To qualify for the list, advisers had to have at least $300 million in assets under management (AUM) and be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, at least 25% of the firm’s AUM had to be from individual investors. The Financial Times then reached out to the more than 2,000 firms meeting these criteria and asked them to fill out a comprehensive application. The Financial Times augmented the information with independent research, including data order imitrex usa from regulatory filings. Of those considered, 300 firms were selected for the list.

With the aim of creating a quantifiable and objective way to establish a list of “truly exceptional adviser firms,” criteria for the assessment of these independent RIAs include total AUM, AUM growth rates as a proxy for performance as well as asset retention and ability to generate new business, the firm’s years in existence, compliance record, industry certifications for employees and online accessibility illustrating commitment to providing transparency. A numeric score was calculated for each adviser. However, there was no attempt to rank the advisers from 1 to 300—the list is presented as an “elite group of 300 RIA firms” organized by state. Visit The Financial Times’ website for the full report, or download the FT300 lists here: 20172016, 2015, 2014.

The Financial Times Top 300 Registered Investment Advisors is an independent listing produced by the Financial Times (June 2014, June 2015, June 2016, June 2017). The FT 300 is based on data gathered from RIA firms, regulatory disclosures, and the FT’s research. As identified by the FT, the listing reflected each practice’s performance in six primary areas, including assets under management, asset growth, compliance record, years in existence, credentials and accessibility. Neither the RIA firms nor their employees pay a fee to The Financial Times in exchange for inclusion in the FT 300.